Make your day great by planning your morning

Beginning your day by planning your morning might sound a bit crazy at first however, if you can take just a few minutes every morning to plan your day, you will find that your day runs much smoother. 


Set your alarm just a few minutes early so you can meditate, pray of just think about your day. Mentally remind yourself to think positive, think before reacting to situations. 

The other day I was on my way to work and a car came speeding by me and cut me off to get in front of me. My first reaction was anger. I thought about calling the police and telling them that a crazy man was going to cause someone to get injured if something wasn’t done. I was enraged as I drove on and thought about the car and how he almost ran over me and the fact that he could have caused a wreck. As I passed the hospital emergency room, I saw the car and the driver. He was helping a very pregnant woman out of the car. I soften a little. Even though this person was wrong to cut me off, he was obviously thinking about this woman and unborn child. 

I reacted to myself. I allowed my emotions to get all caught up in this situation. I’m sure I’ve unintentionally cut people off while driving down the road. It doesn’t make it right, but instead of getting so mad I needed to have prepared myself for the possibility of things like this happening. There is always construction work, slow traffic etc. on the road I drive every day. I could have very easily caused wreck myself because I allowed that one instance to immediately flood my heart with anger.

Since I’ve started making myself relax and just think about my day. I’ve become less agitated as I drive to work. My frustration and anger didn’t do anything to solve the problem, it only hurt me and contributed to a bad mood for the rest of the day at work.

Write it down

Another thing I’ve started doing is keeping a pad or planner and pen beside my bed. I take about 3 or 4 minutes to just write. Studies show that when plans or goals are actually written down, accomplishing them is much easier (, by Dr. Gail Matthews, Psychology Professor at Dominican University of California). I list my plans for the day. Some people call it setting goals. For me its just writing and preparing my mind for my day. I write down anything I need to pick up from grocery. Sometimes, I just write “I love you” to my husband and each of my kids or write “be nice to some,” or “compliment someone”.  I might not look back at  what I’ve written, but by writing it down, it helps me recognize those opportunities when they arise.  It makes me smile. 

Hold your loved one close

I used to think that getting up 10 minutes earlier was a waste of good sleep. But you would be surprised at what you can accomplish by waking up 10 minutes earlier each day. It really doesn’t take much time to accomplish all this and its such a help to making your day run smoother. 

Remember to hug and kiss your husband or partner each morning. Some people and just not morning people. My husband was like that until we decided to try it. Studies show that physical contact with another person grows intimacy, make your healthier, and happier (

1. Hugs reduce stress by showing your support

2. Hugs may protect you against illness – The stress-reducing effects of hugging might also work to keep you healthier. In a study of over 400 adults, researchers found that hugging may reduce the chance a person will get sick (

Its really easy to just jot down a simple list, its like writing a phone number on your hand; it helps you remember, let go of stress and plan for a good mood and a good day.

Starting your day with frustrations or anger can set the tone for a bad day; we all have them but it so much nicer to the start your day off with confidence that your day is going to go great!

Make your bed

Studies also show that people who make their beds are more productive through their day.  

Feelings of accomplishment

It might seem too small to matter, but starting your day by making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment. This gives you an instant feeling of success and the feeling that you are on top of things. You feel organized and ready to take on the day. This two minutes of work sets the tone for the rest of the day. It may be small but it’s mighty! Definitely worth your time.

Relieve stress

We have always had those days when all we can think about is going to be.  The bed isn’t made and there are clothes everywhere. This just drops your mental state even lower as you climb into your messy bed.

Do you recall how you feel when you stay at a hotel? When you stay at a hotel and everything is neat and organized, you look forward to climbing into the organize. You can create this mood and setting at home everyday!

It only takes a couple of minutes to make your bed. Even if you just make your bed and do nothing else, it makes the whole room look so much better instantly. Just a couple of minutes every morning can make your nights so much better.

De-cluttering is important to your health

By making your bed, you are starting to straighten up the discord around you. A de-cluttered space lowers your level of stress. Clutter is a constant reminder of how unsettled and unorganized you are being. It drags your down. An organized space is very calming. Why not start with your daily bed making?


Once you get in the habit of making your bed, you’ll crave a little more organization because you appreciate how it makes you feel. One day you’ll take a moment to look around your room and decide that it really wouldn’t take much more time to pick up a few clothes.  This feeling is so addictive it will spill into the other rooms of the house. Before you know it, you won’t go to bed before the kitchen is clean!

Fake it till you can make it

Another rule for morning time at my house is that no one is allowed to be sarcastic, crude, use a bad tone when talking to others, or show anger. This is sometimes challenging with 4 kids all trying to get ready in the mornings. The rule applies to my husband and I too. It is so easy to ruin someones whole day by just expressing frustration, anger, or annoyance.  I not saying that corrective action does not need to be taken when needed, but when its necessary it has to be done with respect. Fighting over the bathroom, curling iron, or cereal bowls is just not allowed in our mornings. Everyone must speak with kindness and it your angry… you fake it. Its tough but anger must wait until the afternoons to be expressed. Often, its forgotten by the afternoon. 

In Conclusion

Beginning your day by planning your morning will make your day go much smoother. Awake about 10 minutes earlier than usual. Make your bed. Make it a rule in your house to be polite and respectful in the mornings even if your are normally a bit cranky. These few steps can make you feel much more confident and relaxed throughout your day.   

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