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Welcome to Shena’s View

This site is dedicated to offering reflections on various topics that give people reason to pause and think. I am excited to share my life’s road with everyone out there on the big world wide web. I have a passion for people. I care about what makes people endure, move on, and push forward through triumphs and trials in life. By imparting my knowledge, skill sets, thoughts, and many opinions, I want people to live in the moment realizing that the sun will rise tomorrow.

A Full Life

I have two preteen girls. Lena is 11 and Lillie is 12. Lena is a girly girl. She loves dresses, make-up, nails polish, and her hair fixed just perfect. Lillie is my farm girl. Her priorities include caring for all animals, working with cows, riding the tractor, driving on the ATV, and going anywhere with her daddy who is a farmer in the small rural town where we live. Yet when it she is around preteens, her insecurities and lack of confidence exhibits itself in shyness and fearfulness of not “fitting in” and being “liked” by her peers.

My Family

My husband and I have 8 children and 3 grandchildren ages 5 to 26; we have two boys and six girls. Four of our children are out living on their own learning the role of “adulting”. Two are married and have children. The other two are exploring higher education goals, working part-time jobs and are figuring out their place in this world. Our other four, Lillie, 12, Lena, 11, Jacob, 5, and Jazi, 6 are still in school.

Working For A Living

I taught in public education for 23 years. I love children and feel that they are a true gift and blessing. I enjoy farm life, family game nights, reading, sewing, painting, and of course playing with my grandson and two granddaughters.

My experiences working with students in all elementary school grades and adults enable me to have a positive impact on the people around me. My strengths include a special insight into the individual needs of people and the ability to communicate effectively. My experience as the role of a teacher and mom has been to encourage students to discover the world around them by providing appropriate experiences and build self-esteem, positive self-concept and self respect.

Finding the Balance

Jubilee River

I want to use this website to help people “stop and smell the daisies” so to speak. This site will explore a variety of topics close to my heart that offer insight and awareness of this world in which we live. In my 50 plus years I’ve experienced everything from failed marriage, finding love, loosing myself and finding myself again through faith and friends, passion, devotion, and tragedy and triumph. I believe my opinions and perspectives can be enlightening to others.

How I can help you find Balance

Balance is the key to everything in our busy lives. I balance life with my husband, children, grandchildren, work, farm life, and my faith. Sometimes I feel way out of balance. My prayer is that this website will offer you hope, strength, and endurance as you travel the road to your own journey.  I want everyone,  young and those not so young to know they are not alone in this big fast paced, crazy world. Many of my topics will open your heart to tears and some to laughter. I pray that you will find my “Views” a helpful resource for fulfilling your life’s responsibilities, obligations, and occasionally burdens. Everyone travels down so many different paths. I endeavor to assist you in relating to the myriad of familiarities we all push ourselves through.

If you ever need a have or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Shena Wilder

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6 thoughts on “Shena’s View

  1. You are such an inspiration Shena Wilder. I love reading everything you write because it always has a purpose. Nothing is left unnoticed. Keep on writing my dear friend!

  2. Hi Shena,

    Your life story is impressing. You are a rich person: rich in experiences, it feels like you give and receive a lot of love (even if some relationships have failed), you are blessed to have a big family, you devoted your life to helping people around you, teaching…

    I fully agree with your that finding a balance in life is the most important component of happiness.

    Also, I really like your writing style.

    I wish you great success in all you do.
    ~ Julia

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